Introduction To CoinHako

Coinhako is MAS regulated and the main functions is for funding purpose and cashing out, from crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto and you can use it for funding to buy crypto, and transport your crypto to other exchange like, FTX or etc. Coinhako is an all-in-one cryptocurrency service as a wallet and exchange. It aims to offer more convenience, better prices and stronger security than other services. In addition to competitive prices and low fees, the Coinhako wallet is also a highly secure and convenient way of storing your cryptocurrencies. 

This is because funds in a Coinhako wallet are professionally secured and held offline in cold storage, although you can still access them Fast, Strong customer service lets you verify your account in one day so you can start buying and selling quickly. If you’re a new bitcoin buyer, you can ask Coinhako customer service to guide you through your first transaction. It is also convenient. You can link an Xfers wallet to your Coinhako wallet so you can quickly and cost-effectively transfer SGD. For other supported currencies, you can simply make inter-bank transfers or international telegraphic transfers.

 Competitive prices. Coinhako sells cryptocurrency at low market prices, with only a 0.9% commission fee. 

Secure. Coinhako offers secure two-factor authentication for all users, while 99% of the funds it holds are kept in cold storage. 

You also have the option of using your own wallet instead and simply using Coinhako to buy and sell cryptocurrencies rather than store them. Coinhako is also well known and highly experienced. Coinhako has processed more than SGD$350 million in transactions and is backed by prominent investors from Silicon Valley, Singapore and all around the world. The trusted professionals at Coinhako also consult with banks and other financial institutions on blockchain technology and digital security.

Supported fiat currencies: SGD, IDR, VND, USD Supported cryptocurrencies: Approximately 30 cryptocurrencies

Supported cryptocurrencies: Approximately 30 cryptocurrencies

Coinhako services can be used worldwide with telegraphic (SWIFT) international bank transfers, although these may incur high fees. For lower fees, you can use Coinhako with any of the following: A Singapore bank account via an Xfers wallet A Malaysian bank account With any other type of account, you will need to deposit funds through telegraphic transfer, which will incur higher fees.

Your options are as follows: Inter-bank transfers. You can use inter-bank transfers to make payments with a Singapore or Malaysian bank account. Xfers wallet transfers. You can make fast and low-cost transfers when you link your Xfers wallet to a Singapore bank account. Telegraphic transfers. You can use telegraphic transfers to make payments with a non-Singaporean or non-Malaysian bank account.

Purchasing cryptocurrency through an Xfers wallet requires a minimum transaction amount of S$50. Your Xfers wallet will also have its own daily spending limits for your account. There is no daily maximum transfer limit for your Coinhako Xfers wallet, but there is a S$10,000 limit per transfer. There is also a daily trading limit. This may vary from person to person, and you may be able to request a higher limit.

Before you can start trading, you will need to verify your account by providing identification. Verification can be done in one day. Your transfer times will vary depending on the method you choose. Interbank deposits. These will take one business day on weekdays and up to two business days on weekends. Interbank withdrawals. These can take up to three working days. Xfers wallet deposits. There occur almost immediately. Xfers wallet withdrawals. These can take up to four days for normal transfers and up to two days for express transfers. Telegraphic transfers. Transfer times may vary depending on the bank.

If your funds have taken longer than the specified transfer times to become available, you can contact Coinhako customer service and expect to receive a response within one business day.

You can submit a request for support on the Coinhako website or you can make general inquiries at

A Coinhako wallet may be one of the most secure ways to hold cryptocurrency. This is because you get professional security for your wallet. 99% of funds are held in cold storage. Coinhako holds at least 99% of its customers’ cryptocurrency in a cold wallet at all times. This means it’s offline and much better protected from thieves or hackers. Even if someone does manage to electronically break into Coinhako’s systems, they will only be able to access a small fraction of users’ funds. Two-factor authentication is required. Coinhako ensures a high level of security for its users by requiring two-factor authentication. Experienced consultants protect the service. Some of Singapore’s top cybersecurity consultants work at Coinhako and use their experience to keep the service and its users secure.


Quick, simple and easy to use, Suitable for both beginners and professionals, A high level of customer service, Competitive rates and fees and a Highly secure wallet included



Requires an Xfers wallet linked to a Singaporean bank account or a Malaysian bank account to get full usage Bound by the restrictions, such as transfer limits, of an Xfers wallet in addition to any Coinhako restrictions.

How To Set Up CoinHako